My husband is black.

And I’m…not.

Consciously or unconsciously, it’s the first thing people notice about us as a couple.

While interracial relationships and marriages are nothing new, they are still not the overwhelming norm. That’s why our country went nuts when Cheerios aired a Super Bowl commercial with a white mom, a black dad, and their mixed daughter.

Don’t get me wrong. I can totally understand why one may feel uncomfortable marrying outside of his or her race. I mean, as a Korean girl, what would I do if my husband hated kimchi? Or how could I begin to explain all the idiosyncrasies of my (crazy) culture? What I’ve learned is this—every marriage is going to have its issues, whether you share the same skin color or not. And what it ultimately comes down to is respect, empathy…and a few inappropriate race jokes along the way 😉

It’s actually been quite fun teaching Curt about my culture—the food, some history, and the gaudy fashion sense of ajummas. I get to experience what I’ve known my whole life from a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective. And I love being a part of his, too. We’ve learned that unconditional love, regardless of what language/tradition/cultural norm/custom/practice it’s expressed in, feels pretty wonderful to be a part of.

And of course, there will always be the skeptics who believe that the most ideal union is between two people who share the same ethnicity…my father being one of them. While that is another topic for another post, let’s just say he hasn’t quite seen the light… yet. 

In the meantime, here’s a spoiler–Curt eats way more kimchi than I do.

Before a comedy show in Honolulu. I believe I was pregnant in this photo.
Wise words from an undisclosed source–Bubble tea is the foundation to a great marriage.

6 Thoughts on “Black and Yellow”

  • It takes a very strong woman to expose marriage and family issues to the public. I think we could all use some real in our life. I am proud of you and I love you.

  • Amen. I love your willingness to be open and vulnerable…I learn something new or a new perspective from every single visit, chat, catch up, anything with you!

    And also, you’re hilarious. And I love that too. 😉

    • Kathy, I feel the same exact way with you. I LOVE our talks…they are special and rare amongst two people. Thank you for reading my blog!!

  • I love that you expose us to this real life. Fusion of amazing oma with a kick of today’s real world. And the humor! Please keep it coming. This is great! ❤️

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